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Sorry for my bad english, I'll try to answer you anyway.

I think that when a man is looking for his "Muse", he can find her through the girls he loves. If he's a filmaker, he can repeat the situations he's looking for, or also make a dream alive. If it is true it can become obsessionnal. And then the man become a poet, sheering the fire that is burning inside his body, his heart or his soul.

I don't think Carax is doing movies only, I believe he is sheering (parts of) his life with us, and so he's working slowly on his "oeuvre" as a peinter might do... esquisses, drowings, little touches here and there, then coloring a pencil drowing...
That can explain, I think, the similarities between the 2 movies you were talking about. I found that "Boy meets girl" is an excellent black and white movie, as "Mauvais Sang" is a perfect color movie.
That's a good enough reason to do 2 different ones, don't you think ?

Did you see these movies in a theater or in video ? They are made for the Big Screen. If not yet, try to see them in big, full size.

I really don't believe that Carax did shoot the same scenes twice because they were "working".

Seeing one of his movies is like jumping of an airplane for the first time (...Mauvais Sang)... you have to do it for know it. You have to have faith... it can be deep.



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