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: I agree, it's ridiculous and pathetic to make DVDs without english subtitles. They don't understand that an immense number of people will miss these films outside of France. Same thing now with the great Melville "Le Cercle Rouge": no subtitles. It's typical from these guys who think the whole world is in France. That makes me completely mad. They shouldn't complain after that that nobody knows french cinema.

Geez, this is kind of silly. You need to remember that the whole world isn't in America or the UK. American DVDs are often released with Spanish and French-Canadian subtitles and/or audio tracks because a large portion of the American population speaks Spanish, while most of Quebec speaks French (Region 1 DVDs are for use in both the US and Canada). When a company in France releases a movie on DVD, they can rest assured that most of the French population speaks French and so don't bother with alternate languages -- they don't intend for them to be seen outside France, anyway. So why should they spend money on an English translation when there's no point? The American market for foreign DVDs isn't large enough to justify the expense. If it bugs you that much, just learn French.



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