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envoyé par Vincent le 30 septembre 1999 à 04:31:01:

en réponse à Re: ENGLISH Carax videos envoyé par Paul Reiterer le 16 septembre 1999 à 18:21:19:

I agree, it's ridiculous and pathetic to make DVDs without english subtitles. They don't understand that an immense number of people will miss these films outside of France. Same thing now with the great Melville "Le Cercle Rouge": no subtitles. It's typical from these guys who think the whole world is in France. That makes me completely mad. They shouldn't complain after that that nobody knows french cinema.

: Now I am really upset. I found "Les amants du Pont Neuf" at FNAC's website on DVD and VHS, but no english subtitles.

: I don't even own a DVD player, but would run out and get one if Carax's or Kieslowski's films were released on DVD (w/english subtitles)! I will boycott DVD until this happens.

: If you happen to be at FNAC Bastille or anywhere else where you see Carax video's with english subtitles, could you please let me know?

: Thanks,
: Paul


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