Language Editor Physical data Publication Date Foreign Title Translator ISBN
Latchezar Mintcheff Publishers
Nadejda 319 K
1229 Sofia
Telephone: 359 2 375735
Fax: None
Dimensions : 21.9 cm x 15.8 cm
96 pages.
Soft cover.
Original drawings, in color.

Other data from Gerhard.
1994-1995 Konstantin Konstantinov 954-412-024-6

The Little Prince was published in Bulgaria for the first time in its original form by Latchezar Mintcheff Publishers for Christmas 1994 with great success. The initial print run back then was 4000 copies and was sold in about two weeks. The book was reprinted many times since and is constantly on the Bulgarian book market. The translation of Constantin Constaninoff has been made in the early 1960s and was published until 1993 by various publishers in different covers, formats and layouts. For the present official edition of The Little Prince the translation was entirely revised and edited.

(From "Latchezar Mintcheff" (

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