The Calm






Antek Gralak has just been released from prison,He leaves his home town of Krakow and sets to work on a building site in Silesia, All he wants are the simple things in life: work, somewhere clean to sleep,something to eat, a wife, television and peace. Anxious to avoid conflicts and happy to be alive and free, he is friendly with his colleagues and open-hearted and grateful to his employer. He finds a girl, marries, but conflicts atwork prove inevitable. Building materials disappear and Gralak's boss is involved in the theft. Thinking that he's found a potential accomplice in Gralak, the boss proposes to bring him in on the under- hand deals. A strike breaks out among the builders. Torn between the two sides - his boss and his colleagues - and longing for peace, Gralak turns up for work. The builders believe he has grassed and beat him up as he mutters "Calm ... calm."

16mm colour - 44 mins