Concert of Requests

(Koncert Zyczen)



A coach full of rowdy youths stops by a lake. They drink, play football, generally fool around. One of the youths runs after the ball and sees a couple among the bushes. He stares, entranced by the girl, but the coach driver sounds his horn; it's time to go, thee coach leaves. The couple pack their bags and overtake the coach on their motorbike. The girl, sitting on the back of the bike, drops her backpack. Tne coach driver stops, picks it up. The couple turn back for the bag. The driver won't hand them the bag unless the girl travels in the coach with the drunken youths. She's ready to do so but peace is restored as the girl goes back to her boyfriend. The youth with the football wistfully watches the couple ride away.

35mm black and white - 17 mins