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I first discovered the work of Kieslowski by accidently tuning in on "A Short Film About Love" being screened on SBS TV during "Male Sexuality" week in 1993. I was struck by the documentary feel of the featurette, and was duly impressed by the European flavour of the movie. Indeed the soundtrack grabbed me as well.

I work in television. Movies are my life. Until I discovered Kieslowski, George Lucas was my favourite filmmaker, but now the two men hold idolized status in my mind. Who is better? I dare not answer, for it is like comparing night and day. Both are excellent for what they do. Kieslowski deals with reality and Lucas deals with fantasy. Enough said.

I did not pay much attention to "...Love" until I began working in the media. Then I managed to see "...Love" again, but not after sheepishly mentioning to a co-worker what I thought of another film I had just finished dubbing, "The Double Life of Veronique". Little did I know that the beautiful Irene Jacob was to introduce me via proxy to the man destined to become my favorite director. From there I was told of the Three Colours trilogy, which I had to wait 3 months before seeing (on Foxtel). I did the poo-bah ritual watching Blue first on cable, then, unable to contain myself, renting White and Red the very next day.

That evening I remarked to another collegue that I had watched the three films back to back, he replied that I was the only other person he knew crazy enough to do such a thing. From there began my intense scrutiny of Kieslowski. I manged to see "...Killing", "Blind Chance", and "No End". (The first time I saw No End I thought, "this looks like a film that the Polish dude would make...."). Indeed. What a wally, as we say here in Australia.

Now I have a sporting collection of Kieslowski films. All purchased nice and legally (expensive dare I say), having now come across the Dekalog series (don't start me on THAT discussion...). All I can say is that it is a pity that my hero died so young. Maybe it is fitting that the three colours trilogy was his epitaph, so to speak. I know I sure could never top those films.

So please enjoy my Website, may I say the only Australian Website about Kieslowski, and maybe my passion for real-life dramas will rub off onto you!

Cheers & Do Widzenia!