envoyé par fred de vries le 31 juillet 2001 à 15:02:12:

i am looking for a contact of leos carax. and hope you can help me.
i am a dutch journalist and am in the process of writing a book about a number of artists who started in the eighties and have been struggling hard to keep their independence. for that i have already approached the new york band sonic youth, the german singer/writer blixa bargeld, the slovenian art collective NSK, the american rapper chuck d. it is very important for me to add leos carax to this list, especially because his film pola x neatly captures the subject my book will be about.
i leave it with this brief outline. i can tell you a lot more if you are interested.
anyway, i hope you can help me tracing carax, or maybe pass this email to him...
thanks a lot!
kind regards,
fred de vries
rotterdam, netherlands


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