New online essay on "Pola X"

envoyé par Mark Tompkins le 25 juin 2001 à 05:31:10:

Greetings! Pardon my lack of French, but I wanted to let Carax devotees know about an in-depth look at "Pola X" I recently posted online in the English-language arts & entertainment 'zine The article is in honor of "Pola X"'s release on video and DVD in the U.S., along with (finally!) "Mauvais Sang" and "Boy Meets Girl."

The article is an excerpt from a longer piece on Carax's career to date, and I hope Carax fans will find it of interest. You can log on at (after July 1 it will be accessible in the Archives section).

Sincerely yours,

Mark Tompkins



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