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envoyé par jenny le 17 octobre 2000 à 11:25:53:

Ca va.
Je'n suis francaise pas.
Well, would you allow me to write in English?
I've been looking for scenario(moviescripts) for some french movies, especially those of Leos Carax.
Could you tell me how i can get one?
(by text file, or books whatever)
I searched internet so many times, but i couldn't find the write one. I found only "La Cite Des Enfants Perdus"
If you figure out how to get them, please tell me.
(via my email,
Merci bien
Au revoir.

(as you can see, it's so hard for me to write or read in Francaise. And I don't know where i can order french books(i mean online shopping))


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