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: : Je cherche pour photos de Hans Meyer
: : ["Hans" Mauvais Sang et "le Astronaut" Boy
: : Meets Girl] Ecrire moi avec information, SVP!!!!
: : MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!!!!!!!!

: I have some pictures of Hans Meyer in "Mauvais Sang" and "Boy Meets Girl"...
: ...mostly on magazines. And it would be a bit difficult for me to scan it...
: But if you have the opportunity to go to Paris, there are some places where you may find some pictures:
: some bookshops only about cinema ("Atmosphère", rue Broca, and "La librairie Reflet" both in the 5th district.
: By the way, did you know that Hans Meyer played a little part in Godard's "Pierrot le fou"?
: Good luck----


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