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I know I should not write my feelings about films just after I sse them. I need more time to think about the film.

Yes, I understand what you mean about sensations. Carax highlights this with his use of motiffs which seem well developed and go against my idea that the story is not good. He has applied some strong literary techniques.

I also agree that the ending was not my favorite. I was relieved both of them showed up on the bridge but I did not like their behavior on the barge. Although I do not know Alex's background, it looked like two kids from wealthy families not being responsible. "Paris, you can rot!" They bite the hand that feeds them.

I know I have more positive things about the film but here are some of my negatives:

There were parts that were not believable.

I do not like Binoche's character of the femme-fatale. I am embarrassed for Carax that he would present this stereotype from the dinosaur-age. Even for 1989!

I hope you will help me understand this film and Carax work.


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