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well, I think that in Carax' movies, the story isn't an important thing, what counts more is the feeling, the sensation it communicates.
In Les Amants as in Mauvais Sang, the desire of weightlessness and flight is a very strong idea, and is worderfully expressed by all these stunning scenes, with the help of music too.
The madness in love and all the pain going with is another strong element in the movie and in that, the character of Alex is very expressive. I like this character much more than Michele.
The thing I don't really like in this movie is the end : its optimism appears too flat too easy and passionless to me. I would have preferred the end where alex comes out of water and sits at the front of the Ile de la Cite waiting for Michele to come out too, but she doesn't. this would have been a better conclusion about heavyness versus the desire of heavylessness. As Carax said, the end he choosed was more the end of the adventure of the film than the end of the film itself. Dommage...
Well to conclude, this film has to me a lot of meaning, but expressed by sensations rather than constructions of ideas...


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