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envoyé par Jean-Luc Peckinpah le 21 novembre 1999 à 07:19:00:

en réponse à ENGLISH Carax videos envoyé par Paul Reiterer le 19 août 1999 à 23:16:59:

: Does anyone know where I can find Carax's films on video with Enlish subtitles? I just caught "les Amants du Pont-Neuf" at a cinema and desperately want to see his other films. The US is totally ignorant of Carax. Unless I had talked to Julie Delpy in LA I probably would have never heard of him. Well, actually that Scott Walker soundtrack intrested me a bit.

Miramax is releasing the subtitled "Les Amants" in early February on video. A DVD version wasn't mentioned, but this is Miramax we're talking about -- don't expect it from them (*cough*Criterion*cough*).


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