Workaroung for homes bug with Windows

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Tip provided by Christian McArdle
Having heard about the new NT Domain support in Samba, I just gave it a try
and it works brilliantly. Thanks everyone for all the effort put in!
In DOMAIN.txt it talks about a bug in Windows that causes it to not disconnet
the \\server\homes share when logging out. I'm not sure if this is well known,
or fixed elsewhere, but I have found a solution anyway.

First I set up a logon.bat script for everyone to use. Then I set the first
line to:

net use \\server\homes /delete

This disconnects the stray share, ensuring it is recreated correctly when
it is next needed. I used this to set up Netscape to use centralised
profiles. You can specify a profile directory of something like
"\\server\homes\netscape" or whatever and it will find the netscape
directory on the current user's home directory. This method could be used
to overcome lots of non-user sensitive path names in other programs that
you want to behave in a user sensitive manner.

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