How to setup Netscape in a Samba environement

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Tip provided by Franscesc Guash
I'm building it right now, it almost seems to work.

1.- I created a profile with netscape that's called default and that points
  to the user's directory in the server. mounted in L:  :  L:\default
  The profile must be called default, the directory not.

2.- copy the default directory to all the users home directory in the

3.- The file in the server : default/prefs.js holds the preferences
  of the user. You can do a script that substitutes the mail address
  for every user.

4.- Make the profiles directory be in the server (that's explained in the docs)
  that's not mandatory but it's better for my users because they can log
  in any workstation and work the same.

The users home directory is mapped automatically every
time it enters. I have addedd a [netlogon] entry in
smb.conf and a logon script like this:
net use L: \\MyServer\homes

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