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> I've got a two page postscript document which is stored in portrait,
> which results in it being printed wrongly.  I want somehow to be able
> to print it in landscape mode.
> I have tried gv, but it doesn't seem to handle the switch to landscape
> properly.  I have tried xv, but it only recognises the first page.  I
> have tried to use pstops to rotate the pages but it doesn't work
> properly.  I have also tried to use pstops to separate the pages so
> that I could then use xv, but pstops didn't work properly again.
 In a rather low-level approach, you could use gs to convert to a bitmap
 format.  Suppose you want to print in black and white on a 300dpi
 printer, you would use
 gs -q -sDEVICE=pbmraw -r300 -dNOPAUSE -sOutputFile=bla.%d.pbm - <
 If contains 2 pages, this gives you two files bla.1.pbm and
 bla.2.pbm for each page.  If they are not in the right orientation (gs
 sometimes automagically rotates landscape to potrait), use pnmflip from
 the netpbm package:
 pnmflip -cw bla.1.pbm > bla.1.ok.pbm
 Finally use `convert' from imagemagick to make a postscript file of it:
 convert -page a4 bla.1.ok.pbm
 (assuming you want a4 paper, naturally)
 Maybe check the result with gs again, then print.
 If you use xv to print instead you will only get the resolution you have
 on the screen, which is usually not good enough for text.  You also
 loose resolution if you use xv to rotate the page.

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