Keyboard mappings (Backspace & Delete)

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Tip provided by Torsten Hilbrich
> I upgraded Debian from 1.3 to 2.0.r3 on a laptop (toshiba Tecra 720
> cdt) some time ago. But I had always problems with the keyboard
> mappings.
> Both delete and Backspace have the keysym Keyboard Delete (checked
> with xkeycaps).
 *That* is your problem.
> Although all configuration files seem to be the same as on a
> standard PC (which works fine), the laptop behaves different.
 Please use xev to get the keycodes for both your delete and backspace
 key and check there keysym binding in your .Xmodmap file.  On my
 system backspace generates 0x16 and delete 0x6b and the according
 .Xmodmap entries are:
 keycode 0x16 =        BackSpace
 keycode 0x6B =        Delete
 Your notebook probably generate other keycodes for these keys.
 Once the key generates the correct keysyms you can start checking your
 xterm but this should be the same once you get the same keysym as on
 your PC (remember, keysyms are hardware independent, keycodes are
 BTW: Another place to check is /etc/inputrc for all readline based
      programs (including bash).

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