How to automate fsck on all partitions ?

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> I mount several other partitions automatically via fstab, and on those I will
> after foo number of mounts get a warning that the drive should be
> checked.  However, it's a pain to switch to runlevel 1 and manually
> check all those partitions.
> Why should I have to?  Why can't the same process (init?) that
> autochecks the root partition, just automatically check the others
> instead of warning me?
 Does your /etc/fstab entry for those filesystems have the fsck-pass entry

 For example, in my /etc/fstab file I have:

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
 /dev/sda1               /               ext2    defaults    1       1
 /dev/sda2               none            swap    sw          0       0
 /dev/sda3               none            swap    sw          0       0
 proc                /proc           proc    defaults    0       0
 /dev/sda5 /usr ext2 rw 1 2
 /dev/sda6 /tmp ext2 rw 1 2
 /dev/sda7 /export/home/fuzzy ext2 rw 1 2

 Notice that my last 3 filesystems are marked "pass 2" meaning that they
 will get checked second, i.e. after the root filesystem.  From what I
 recall, those filesystems always get checked automatically for me.  Make
 sure you don't have a zero "0" in the "pass" column of your filesystem(s).
 Swap and proc never get checked for obvious reasons.

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