Checkdir error & number of inodes on disk

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> I have a shell script that unzips multiple files in a directory. This
> directory have 4 subdirectories named 001, ..., 004. Each one have 400
> subdirectories named 001, ..., 400. In each of these 400 subdirectories
> I have 400 html files. The file system( using df ) still have enough
> space for the unpacking and, when running the 4th directory it prints anerror
> like this:
>   checkdir error: cannot create 004/022
>                   unable to process 004/022/04022001.html
> After that, everything that I try to do, like mkdir, etc. does not work.It
> says that there's not enough space on the device.

  You have probably run out of inodes.  Each file or directory needs one.
  You are trying to create 4*400*400=640000 files.  You can check how many
  inodes are left using

    df -i

      By default there are 4096 bytes per inode, which means that for the
      amount of files you want to store your partition needs to be at least
      640000*4/1024=2500 MB in size (neglecting directories).  If you really
      need to put the files in this partition, you need to reformat it and use
      the -i switch to mkfs.ext2.  See man mkfs.ext2.

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