How to set-up a private network (VPN)?

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 > I need some software to allow laptop users to connect to machines on
 > our private network (192.168.x.x) from anywhere on the internet. Has
 > anyone used FreeS/WAN, Mobile IP or similar programs to set up a virtual
 > private network on debian? Does anyone know the development status? Some
 > of the Mobile IP projects seem to have last been released two years ago.
 > I see a package called Tunnel Vision, but it looks like it requires a
 > newer kernel than is currently supported on debian.
 I use IP over IP tunnel - both machines are Debian Slink
 -------- Client setup (kernel 2.2.2)
 insmod ipip
 ip tunnel add test mode ipip remote $ServerIP local $ClientIP
 ip link set test up
 ip addr add $ClientIPpriv dev test
 ip ro add $ServerIPpriv dev test src $ClientIPpriv
 ip ro add $PrivateNet dev test src $ClientIPpriv
 ------- Server setup (kernel 2.0.34)
 insmod ipip
 insmod new_tunnel
 ifconfig  tunl0 $ServerIP pointopoint $ClientIP up
 route add $ClientIPpriv gw $ClientIP dev tunl0
 arp  -Ds $ClientIPpriv eth0 pub
 $ServerIP and $ClientIP are real IP's (from Internet side)
 $ServerIPpriv, $ClientIPpriv and $PrivateNet are local, for example

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