Modem commands

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Tip provided by Brian
> Does anyone know the command to tell a modem to turn the sound off?
> Also, is there a page somewhere that lists the hayes/at modem commands?
> I've been looking for one, but no luck so far.
 Your modem has this info built into it.  Open up a terminal program,
 such  as minicom, that is configured to use your modem device and enter
 the folloowing AT commands.
 at$   - list commands
 at&$  - list & commands
 atd$  - list dial commands
 ats$  - list S registers

[ note from the LTT maintainer : the author also sent me the following email :

Someone replied to my post saying that it did not work on their modem.
I got this tip from somewhere, maybe usenet, I can't remember.  So you
might want to put a YMMV disclaimer with it.  Basically if it works
great, no need to dig out the manual, if doesn't...RTFM.


Follow-up :
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