How to find old versions of Netscape browsers?

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This Anonymous Coward asks:   "I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a site
where one can get copies of Netscape Navigator 3.01 (or is that 3.0.1)? I need this
for a firewall that is configured over the web, and for some reason only works with
3.01 and not the later versions from Netscape and Microsoft."

Netscape archive :
Netscape has an archive site that has a lot of the older browsers 2.2-4.05
including 3.01. also they have them for different platforms and languages

Actually, the older netscapes are at... :

Old Netscape...
I had one saved on my home file server, so knew the filename. After a Hotbot
search, I found a handful of the old versions of Netscape. Check out which is an ISP who has them archived..

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