How to adjust the screen size in X?

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Tip provided by John Stevenson
> How do I adjust the size of myscreen in X. Its too tall (vertical) and
> when I open some apps (Emacs, MAKE xCONFIG) i cannot see some parts of them.
> I think its currentlt set to 640x480 . also how do i get the output of the
> Xserver?

 Before you start editing your /etc/X11/XF86Config file, try
 using the following key press combination:
 control Alt -
 control Alt +
 Pressing these three keys (Holding control and Alt then tapping
 either plus or minus) will change the resolution that your
 screen runs at.  Using this method will allow you to quickly
 find out what resoultion your monitor and video card can run at,
 as well as letting you see which resolution works best on your
 You can run xterm (or what ever) to find out what resolution you
 like best, dragging the xterm to the bottom right of the screen
 should tell you the position of the cursor and therefore the
 screen size.
 Then edit your XF86Config file by placing the resolution you
 want to be first in the list.
 Warning:  If your X server locks up or your monitor starts
 making funny noises (unlikely but possible) then you can use the
 key combination of control Alt Backspace to kill X.

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