Printing to non-postscript printer via smb

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Tip provided by Stephen Pitts
> I have a quick question reguarding magicfilters; I need to do a postscript
> to pcl (hp laserjet 4p) conversion and then send this to a printer
> resident on a win95 box via smb. How would I do this? About all I know how
> to setup is the printer while on my box through magicfilter's config
> utility...

I did this with an HP Laserjet 3 attatched to a Windows 98 box across the room.
The basic procedure is this: set up two printers:
1. hpljet3: do magicfilter conversion and send the output to hpljet3-remote
2. hpljet3-remote: dump whatever it gets to the network printer using smbprint

Here is the relevant config info and steps: Modify it for your setup
(should be just a matter of changing lj3 to lj4)

1. Get smbprint from /usr/doc/samba-doc/examples/examples/printing.
   Put somewhere.
   I put mine in /usr/local/etc (can't remember why). Read it and setup
   the config file accordingly.

2. Add the printcap entries for the virtual printers:


3. Setup the magicfilter scripts:
   in /etc/magicfilter/ljet-filter-remote:
 /etc/magicfilter/ljet3-filter | lpr -Phplj3-remote
4. Find a Postscript file and test the setup!

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