Fortran 90 to C or Fortran 90 to Fortran 77 translator

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Tip provided by Paulo J. da Silva e Silva
> anyone knows if exists a translator from Fortran90 to C or Fortran90
> to Fortran77.
> I'm very interested in a program like this.

The answer is no and yes.

There is no free Fortran 90 native compiler. There is no free Fortan 90
translator (free here stands for free software/Open source).

You can get a free for non-commercial use Fortran 90 to g77 translator. It
misses some Fortarn 90 features, but you can manage without them. The address
is (there you can find free for non-commercial use HPF
to g77 translator (two processor only) too).

There's also a free F compiler (F is a subset of Fortran 90). I don't use
it since it prevents me to link with FORTRAN 77 code. Take a look at:

If you are interested in scientifc applications for Linux take a look at
SAL, it is a page that tries to gather information of scientifc applications
under Linux. It is on http://SAL.KachinaTech.COM/index.shtml


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