3com509B port selection

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Tip provided by Michael B.Taylor
The cards that I have used (some tulips and some ancient Western Digitals)
autosense the media.  Are you sure this one doesnt do that too?

Here is what I would try if you cant get it to work and nobody who
actually knows something about this NIC has a better idea:
Get the newest 3com driver from www.beowulf.org.  Look at the comments at
the beginning of the source to see if you see anything helpful.  If this
one is newer than the module than the one you are using, consider compiling it
and sticking it in.  Sometimes new chipsets break old drivers, but
sometimes there is a fix in the new driver.

> On Fri, Nov 27, 1998 at 07:40:51PM -0500, Stan Brown wrote:
>      I am trying to install on a freinds machine. It has a board lables
>      3c50
>      (b), which has all 3 conetctor types (AUI, 10 base 2, 10 base T) on
>      it
>      unfortunately it *does Not* have an jumpers. the 3c509 module
>      recognizes it, and figures out the IRQ and memory location, butI
>      can;t
>      figure out how to tell it which port to use.

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