How to setup Netscape in a Samba environement

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Tip provided by Nathan Smith
I was reading the tip on setting up Netscape in a Samba environment.  I
have worked intimately with a project doing just this.  We currently
have around 10,000 users all reading their user profiles off of a Samba
server.  The method that the tip suggests is basically what we do.
However, it is a very good idea (read almost esential) for you to also
create a symbolic link in every users' home directory to the directory
that holds their netscape share.  If you call it the same thing in
everyone's directory there is no need for swaping out information on a
per user basis.  So you would have a directory set up as follows:

/home/username  <-- the user's home directory as seen on the linux box

/home/username/netscape/username <-- where netscape will want to put the
user's profile.

/home/username/profile <-- a symbolic link to

This becomes important when accessing the profile via a samba network.
You would reference the profile as //sambaserver/profile, rather than
//sambaserver/username/profile as done traditionally.  This helps
tremendously.  You only have to have Netscape pointing to
//sambaserver/profile which will work no matter what user is logged into
the system.  Where if you have it pointing to a user specific directory,
you will need to change that for every user that logs onto the Network.

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