How to use a non-SCSI CD recorder?

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Rex> Is it possible to use a non-SCSI CD recorder under hamm?  As far
Rex> as I can tell, everything assumes SCSI.  The CD-writing FAQ
Rex> mentions something about ATAPI drives circumventing the need for
Rex> generic SCSI devices, but cdwrite and cdrecord seem to demand
Rex> SCSI (if not generic SCSI).

I have a non SCSI CD writer, and it has worked fine for me, although I
don't use it heavily.

I thought I was going to need to upgrade cdrecord etc to newer
versions, but after downloading from slink, I found they were exactly
the same versions as in hamm.

I had to rebuild my kernel so that it provides IDE SCSI emulation. I
used kernel 2.0.35; I think you would have to patch the source if you
used 2.0.34. Once you have done that, you need to give an extra boot
parameter along the lines of
to get it to spring into life, but after that's done the CD writer
looks just like a scsi device, accessed through dev/scd0.

You probably want to look at:

and especially:


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