X on Acer notebook (Neo magic card support)

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> }-> > Most information I get is on 'how can I run X on my laptop', I look for
> }-> > information the other way 'round.
> }->
> }-> Chips and Technologies chips seem to work well. My Toshiba 310CDS runs
> }-> X rather nicely. I had a lot of trouble with a friend's Acer notebook

The Acer notebook uses a very nice Neo magic video card.
The only thing that is not
nice about this video card is that it is not supported by Xfree 3.3.2.

The Neo magic card is supported by Xfree 3.3.3 but that is not generally
avaiable in distributions.

The alternative is to go to http://www.precisioninsight.com/products.html
and download the 'XFCom X Server'.  There is both a .tgz and a .rpm available
for download (the site is fairly fast too).  Dont worry, this is a free
product, just there in no generally
available source code (it has gone to the Xfree project though).

I installed the X server using the .rpm file and using alien.  Everything
worked with no problems at all, alien converted and installed the .rpm package
just fine (well done the developers).

Once the packages is installed it is just a matter of tweaking the
configuration files in /etc/X11 (see the Readme file while downloading the

I have tested this Xserver on a Dell Inspiron 3200 and have had absoultely no
problems what so ever.....

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