Where to find free POP3 accounts?

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Sam Smith writes "Does the /. community know of a free email service which offers a POP3 box accessible by email client? None of the major ones that I have found do. Preferably a site which runs under Linux, but it can be something else if needbe."

Try NetAddress

Your e-mail address for it becomes username@usa.net, which is nice and short, too.
They don't e-mail you ads, either. Ads only show up on the web browser interface.

www.amexmail.com (the POP3 server is pop.amexmail.com)

Freeshells (and others)
FreeShells offers an e-mail account with their free Unix shell account thing. It's POP3/SMTP. There's also a list of free e-mail providers at http://www.dlcwest.com/~jgood/email.htm. (Not all of these are POP3/SMTP though.)
Also, GeoCities offers a POP3 account too.. don't remember if they set up a seperate POP3 only account type thing there though.

One more
Forgot about this one.. MailandNews.com offers free e-mail accounts too, accessable through the Web, POP e-mail clients, and IMAP4 clients. They've also got newsgroup access (Web-only).

Try this...
Go here for an index of free email providers that offer POP3.

ZipIt.net free POP3/SMTP service

The company I work for has registered ZipIt.net to serve as a free POP3/SMTP based service. Along with web hosting, we also have made partnership agreements with several VARs to work alongside ZipIt's service. All that is needed to do is visit the web site and run click on the appropriate link to fill out the form. The account is setup in a matter of minutes and gives you all the proper information upon a completed signup.
Standard disclaimer being this isn't intended for UBE/UCE.

POP3 - for free

Hate to bring them up (because of the damn adverts on their webpages) but if you open a
Geocities account, you get a POP3 mailbox.

Of course your e-mail address would end in "@geocities.com"


Try www.gmx.net, it works for me...

free pop3

geocities provides free mail. (www.geocities.com for signup) It is VERY reliable in my experience.

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